Rhododendron Bernice

Rhododendron Bernice has a crimson throat toning to white on the edges. Slightly scented compact plant. Late November flowering 2M



Introducing the exquisite Rhododendron Bernice, a captivating new release for RhodoDirect that promises to enchant gardeners with its beauty and charm. This compact plant showcases large trusses of blossoms, each adorned with a crimson throat that gracefully transitions to white along the edges. With a subtle fragrance that adds to its allure, Bernice blooms in late November, heralding the arrival of the festive season with its breathtaking display.

Standing tall at 2 meters, Bernice commands attention with its elegant form and striking coloration. Its compact size makes it ideal for gardens of all sizes, whether planted as a focal point or incorporated into mixed borders.

As a new addition to the RhodoDirect collection, Bernice represents the latest innovation in rhododendron breeding. Its vibrant blooms and delightful fragrance make it a standout choice for gardeners seeking to add beauty and elegance to their outdoor spaces.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or new to rhododendrons, Bernice is sure to delight with its stunning blooms and compact growth habit. Embrace the beauty of this exceptional plant and elevate your garden to new heights of splendor with Rhododendron Bernice from RhodoDirect.