Azalea Raspberry Ade


Azalea Raspberry Ade has large bright raspberry red/pink flowers in November. Ht. 1.5m. Deciduous.

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Azalea Raspberry Ade is a stunning deciduous azalea, showcasing large bright raspberry red/pink flowers that bloom in November. This vibrant azalea reaches a height of 1.5 meters and is sure to add a bold splash of color to your garden. Originating from the renowned Ilam Gardens in Christchurch, the Raspberry Ade is a testament to the exceptional breeding of azaleas in this region.

Azalea Mollis deciduous plants, like the Raspberry Ade, are known for their toughness and hardiness. They thrive in both full sun and partial shade, making them perfect companion plants for rhododendrons. These azaleas prefer acidic soil and are highly drought-resistant, providing a spectacular display of autumn tones before going dormant for the winter. Their bright and fragrant blooms add an extra layer of beauty and sensory delight to any garden.

Explore our extensive collection of deciduous Mollis azaleas this season and bring the enchanting beauty and resilience of Azalea Raspberry Ade to your garden. Whether you’re looking to shop online or visit our nursery to select your plants in person, our azaleas are sure to impress with their stunning blooms and robust nature.