Azalea Cross Hills Frills


Late mid season. 1.5m (Formally known as Cross Hills #16) The deep golden yellow flowers are very frilled and have a deep gold blaze. Strong, healthy foliage, held over a longer period than most.

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Azalea Cross Hill Frills, is a deciduous Azalea, which is a vibrant addition to any garden, setting the spring garden ablaze with its glowing coppery yellow blooms. These large, rounded flowers create a stunning display, perfect for adding a burst of color to your outdoor space. This showy deciduous azalea reaches a mature size of 1.5m in height and 1m in width over 7-10 years, making it ideal for borders or as a standalone feature.

Plant Azalea Cross Hill Frills in sun or part shade in well-drained acidic soil to enjoy its fresh green summer foliage, which transitions to beautiful autumn tones before leaf fall. This variety is suitable for warmer areas, including Auckland and Northland, and is known for its strong, healthy foliage, which is held over a longer period than most other azaleas.

The deep golden yellow flowers of Azalea Cross Hill Frills are highly frilled and feature a deep gold blaze, adding a touch of elegance to its vibrant appearance. This azalea blooms in the late mid-season, ensuring a prolonged period of garden beauty.

Discover the radiant charm of Azalea Cross Hill Frills and transform your garden with its stunning coppery yellow blooms today!