Rhododendron Yellow Moon


Rhododendron Yellow Moon produces pink buds opening to waxy yellow/lemon flowers. Fantastic dark green foliage that is very distinctive to this rhododendron. Height 1.5m Flowering in September


Yellow Moon Rhododendron: A Celestial Display of Lemon Yellow Elegance! 

Prepare to be enchanted by the Yellow Moon Rhododendron, where delicate pink buds unfurl into exquisite waxy yellow or lemon-colored flowers. The unique and distinguishing feature of this rhododendron lies not only in its celestial blooms but also in its remarkable dark green foliage, setting it apart as a truly distinctive variety.

Growing Tips and Unique Traits: The Yellow Moon Rhododendron, known for its celestial transformation from pink buds to waxy yellow or lemon flowers, reaches a modest height of 1.5 meters after a decade, making it an ideal addition to any garden landscape. Its blossoms grace the South Island of New Zealand in September, adorning gardens with their ethereal beauty. However, what truly distinguishes this rhododendron is its fantastic dark green foliage, a remarkable and very distinctive trait that adds depth and character to this stunning variety.

Interesting Facts: Yellow Moon Rhododendron presents a celestial showcase every September in the South Island of New Zealand, unveiling a mesmerizing display of waxy yellow or lemon flowers emerging from delicate pink buds. Its most striking feature, apart from its charming blooms, remains its exceptional dark green foliage, setting it apart as an extraordinary and unique addition to any garden.

Explore the celestial beauty of the Yellow Moon Rhododendron at our RhodoDirect nursery or discover it in our diverse online collection. Elevate your garden with this stunning rhododendron, offering not only a celestial floral display but also distinctively remarkable dark green foliage, adding an unparalleled charm and uniqueness to your outdoor sanctuary.



Minimum Height after 10 Years:


Flowering Time:

Flowers in September in South Island of NZ

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