Rhododendron Vulcan’s Flame


Rhododendron Vulcan’s Flame has bright red flowers on a vigorous but compact plant Height 1.5m Flowering in October

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Experience the Radiance of Vulcan’s Flame Rhododendron

Unveil the fiery splendor of the Vulcan’s Flame Rhododendron—a vibrant testament to nature’s brilliance. This compact yet robust plant showcases a profusion of bright red flowers, radiating a vivid allure that captures attention effortlessly. Standing at a minimum height of 1.5m after a decade of growth, this exceptional flora stems from the illustrious parentage of ‘griersonianum’ and ‘Mars,’ combining vigour and compactness in a harmonious blend.

The Vulcan’s Flame Rhododendron stands as a beacon of beauty, boasting a vibrant hue that invigorates any landscape. Its blooming period during October heralds the arrival of summer to gardens as nature’s palette transforms.

Embracing the essence of resilience, this plant thrives in various conditions, displaying remarkable sun tolerance and hardiness. Its ability to withstand diverse climates ensures a lasting presence, captivating admirers with its enduring charm.

Key Attributes of the Vulcan’s Flame Rhododendron:

  • Vivid, bright red flowers illuminating the landscape
  • Compact yet vigorous growth, maximizing garden space
  • Parentage from ‘griersonianum’ and ‘Mars’ for robust qualities
  • Flowering in October, adding vibrancy to the Spring garden
  • Sun-tolerant and hardy, adapting to varying environments

Ignite your garden’s charm with the vibrant brilliance of the Vulcan’s Flame Rhododendron and revel in nature’s fiery splendor.

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