Rhododendron Van Dec


Rhododendron Van Dec has large pastel pink flowers in a well formed truss show themselves to the utmost. Vigorous growth makes it look like it gets huge but it stays pleasantly under control. Always a fabulous display. Height 2m Flowering in October

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Step into the world of the Van Dec Rhododendron, where breathtaking beauty meets controlled elegance in every floral display. This exceptional variety, stemming from the union of Van Nes Sensation and decorum parentage, boasts large, pastel pink flowers arranged in impeccably formed trusses, showcasing nature’s artistry at its finest. The vigorous growth of this rhododendron might suggest an imposing size, but fear not—it graciously maintains a manageable stature, staying pleasantly under control while ensuring a stunning, consistent display year after year.

This marvel of a plant is not just about its exquisite blooms. Its sun-tolerant nature adds to its allure, thriving in a variety of light conditions, making it a versatile choice for gardens seeking a touch of elegance. The Van Dec Rhododendron’s large, soft green leaves further complement its floral splendor, contributing to its overall visual appeal and year-round charm.

Come October, this rhododendron comes alive in a spectacular floral show, lending an enchanting touch to spring gardens. Its flowering season delights gardeners, offering an extraordinary visual treat when other plants might be winding down.

With a minimum height reaching around 2 meters after ten years, this variety serves as an excellent choice for those aiming to add a prominent yet well-controlled presence to their garden landscapes. Its adaptability to various soil types and relatively low maintenance needs, including regular watering and occasional pruning, contribute to its appeal as an easy-to-care-for yet stunning addition to any garden setting.

Incorporating the Van Dec Rhododendron into your garden not only ensures a captivating floral spectacle but also attracts pollinators, enhancing the local ecosystem. Whether as a focal point in mixed shrub borders, enhancing landscape designs, or standing proudly as a standalone specimen, this rhododendron’s graceful growth and breathtaking display make it a prized asset for garden enthusiasts.