Rhododendron Purple Heart


Rhododendron Purple Heart a compact and sturdy with glowing violet purple blooms that have a hint of bronze-green in the throat. Flowers in spring and is much admired. Height 1.5m Flowering in November

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Purple Heart Rhododendron: “Compact Elegance with Bronze-Green Throat”

Discover the charm of the Purple Heart Rhododendron—a compact and robust plant boasting vibrant violet-purple blooms, adorned with a subtle hint of bronze-green in their throats. Flowering in spring, this variety garners admiration for its striking beauty.

Reaching a minimum height of 1.5 meters over a decade, this rhododendron blooms in November. It’s a plant that appreciates a bit more fertilisation to maintain its lush green appearance, differing slightly from its counterparts. Its hunger for nutrients contributes to its beautifully shaped, round bush, a testament to its care.

Purple Heart Rhododendron offers both compactness and sturdiness, making it an admired addition to any garden seeking elegance and vibrancy.


Minimum Height after 10 Years: 1.5m
Flowering Time: November

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