Rhododendron Laramie


Rhododendron Laramie is a delicious rhododendron in every way. It is compact and tidy in its habit, bushy and grows evenly all around. The flower is like a bridal bouquet in each flower cluster, beautiful white flowers with a deep burgundy eye. Spectacular.Flowers in early October Height 1.2 m

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Laramie Rhododendron is a delightful addition to any garden, offering a compact and tidy habit with even growth all around. Its bushy appearance adds a sense of elegance, while each flower cluster resembles a bridal bouquet, featuring beautiful white flowers with a deep burgundy eye—a truly spectacular sight.

This rhododendron boasts resilience to thrips due to its parentage, which includes Yak. In summer, Laramie appears basically white as it is covered in tomentum, providing sun and insect protection, nature’s way of defending itself against the elements.

Flowering in early October in NZ, Laramie Rhododendron brings a touch of beauty to the Spring landscape. With an estimated height of 1.5 meters within 10 years, it is a manageable yet stunning choice for gardens of all sizes. Despite its tomentum, it is advisable to provide protection from hot afternoon summer days, making it ideal for planting on the south side of your house or in a partially shaded area.

Curious about Laramie Rhododendron? Feel free to reach out and let’s discuss how this charming rhododendron can enhance your garden.

Flowers in early October in NZ
Estimated height within 10 years 1.5 m