Rhododendron Johnny Bender


Rhododendron Johnny Bender flowers are a bright currant red, darker spotting dorsally, in round tight trusses. Foliage is deep green and shiny Height 1.2m Flowering in October/November

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Johnny Bender Rhododendron: “Vibrant Currant Red Blooms in Round Tight Trusses”

Experience the allure of the Johnny Bender Rhododendron, boasting vibrant currant red flowers adorned with darker spotting dorsally, arranged in round and tight trusses. Its deep green, shiny foliage adds to its appeal.

With parentage from (Jean Marie de Montague x Indiana), this robust beauty reaches a minimum height of 1.2 meters after a decade. Its flowering time in late October marks it as a favorite, offering beautifully formed plants with strong, tight trusses bearing rich flowers. Notably, it thrives and tolerates full sun, embodying robustness and strength.

The Johnny Bender Rhododendron stands as a testament to its striking appearance, making it an exceptional addition to any garden seeking vibrant blooms and resilient plants.


Parentage: (Jean Marie de Montague x Indiana)
Minimum Height after 10 Years: 1.2m
Flowering Time: Late October