Rhododendron Dads Indian Summer


Rhododendron Dads Indian Summer has strong red buds open to yellow pink flowers with a strong pink edge. Stunning colour combination. This rhododendron is very popular when it is in flower and always easy to find. Prefers some partial shade Height 1m Flowering in October.

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Dads Indian Summer Rhododendron – A Vivid Burst of Colorful Brilliance

Description: Experience the vivid spectacle of Dads Indian Summer Rhododendron, where robust red buds unfurl to reveal a captivating blend of yellow-pink flowers adorned with a pronounced deep pink edge. Renowned for its stunning colour palette, this floriferous plant offers an abundant and eye-catching floral display, becoming a centerpiece in gardens across New Zealand.

Growth and Characteristics: With parentage stemming from Pink Petticoats and Ring of Fire varieties, this rhododendron reaches a mature height of 1 meter over a decade, flourishing with a compact growth habit. Its impressive floral exhibition in October highlights its preference for shaded environments, ensuring its blossoms retain their vibrant allure.

Gift-Worthy and Special Occasions: Dads Indian Summer Rhododendron emerges as the perfect gift choice for Father’s Day or any special occasion celebrating dads. Its vibrant and stunning blooms not only elevate garden landscapes but also symbolise admiration and appreciation, making it an ideal gift to honour fathers and their love for vibrant beauty in nature.

Dads Indian Summer Rhododendron, renowned for its stunning color amalgamation and ideal for celebrating fathers, epitomises vibrant floral brilliance in gardens. Its remarkable blooms, coupled with its compact growth and thoughtful gifting potential, ensure a splendid addition to gardens and a thoughtful choice for honouring fathers.

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