Rhododendron College Pink


Rhododendron College Pink produces clear pink frilled flowers. A heavy bloomer. Grows wider than high. Flowers hold better in dappled shade Height 1.2m Flowering in October

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Meet the charming College Pink Rhododendron, boasting clear pink frilled flowers that steal the spotlight. This heavy bloomer is a visual delight, generously showering gardens with its exquisite blooms. It adopts a unique growth pattern, spreading wider than its height, creating a graceful and expansive presence.

Flowers of the College Pink Rhododendron thrive in dappled shade, where they maintain their allure for longer periods. With parentage stemming from the Zelanicum hybrid, this rhododendron inherits distinctive traits that add to its beauty and resilience.

Fun Fact: Alongside its stunning appearance, the College Pink Rhododendron is thrip resistant, a valuable quality in maintaining the health and vibrancy of its blooms.

Flowering in October, this rhododendron graces gardens with its blossoms during the spring-to-summer transition. With a projected minimum height of approximately 1.2 meters after a decade, it strikes a balance between presence and manageability, making it an ideal choice for various garden settings.

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