Rhododendron Buttermint


Rhododendron Buttermint has thick leather leaves on a compact plant. The plump flower buds mature early in the season producing large handsome yellow flowers. Height 1.2m Flowers in October.

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Buttermint Rhododendron: Unveiling Nature’s Compact Beauty

Nestled in gardens, the Buttermint Rhododendron graces landscapes with its distinctive features. Adorned with thick, leathery leaves, this compact shrub emanates an aura of resilience and charm. As the season unfolds, plump flower buds emerge early, promising an exquisite floral display.

With a height reaching 1.2 meters, this rhododendron bursts into bloom, unveiling its gorgeous warm yellow flowers in October within New Zealand’s vibrant landscapes. The flowers, of ample size, present a delightful hue of inviting warmth, adding a captivating allure to its compact form.

Born from a lineage of Unique and [fabia x dichroanthum ssp. apodectum], this rhododendron exhibits a unique pedigree, infusing its individuality into the garden canvas. Its distinctive foliage, coupled with an early flowering habit, elevates the seasonal garden spectacle, making it a standout presence among its botanical peers.

The Buttermint Rhododendron, with its compact stature and alluring blossoms, stands as a testament to natural beauty, enriching landscapes with its distinctive charm. Embrace this captivating addition to your garden, celebrating the elegance and grace of nature’s compact marvel.

Embrace the charm of the Bruttermint Rhododendron, a remarkable addition to your garden oasis. Celebrate nature’s beauty with this compact marvel, adorning your landscape with its distinctive leaves and captivating early blooms. Elevate your garden’s allure with this unique blend of resilience and beauty, available for your garden at our RhodoDirect nursery or through our diverse online collection.

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