Rhododendron Bruce Brechtbill


Rhododendron Bruce Brechtbill has soft pink and cream flowers on a perfectly foliaged tight rounded plant. Identical to unique except for colour. Compact habit Height 1.5m Flowers in October

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Bruce Brechtbill Rhododendron – Enchanting Soft Pink and Cream Blooms

Description: The Bruce Brechtbill Rhododendron presents an enchanting display of soft pink and cream flowers, adorning a perfectly foliaged, tight, rounded plant. This cultivar, closely resembling the Unique variety save for its distinctive coloration, boasts a compact habit, exuding grace and charm in garden landscapes.

Growth and Characteristics: Sharing parentage with the Unique bud sport, this rhododendron matures to a minimum height of 1.5 meters over a decade, showcasing its preference for a compact growth pattern. Its exquisite floral display, a harmonious blend of soft pink and cream hues, adds a touch of elegance to garden settings.

Flowering Time and Sun Preference: In October, the Bruce Brechtbill Rhododendron comes to life with its mesmerizing blooms, although it demands protection from direct sunlight. This preference for sheltered environments ensures the preservation of its delicate floral beauty, and foliage making it a sought-after addition to shaded garden spots.

The Bruce Brechtbill Rhododendron, with its captivating soft pink and cream blooms, epitomizes elegance and grace, contributing a touch of enchantment to garden landscapes, ideal for shaded areas seeking a burst of October colour.

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