Rhododendron Beauty Of Tremwough

Rhododendron Beauty of Tremough has large trusses of deep shell pink, red in throat. Vigorous plant flowering in mid season end of October beginning of November, height 2m.


Introducing the stunning Rhododendron Beauty of Tremough, a breathtaking addition to the Rhododirect family. This vigorous plant boasts large trusses adorned with deep shell pink blossoms, accented by a striking red throat. Flowering in the midst of the season, from late October to early November, Beauty of Tremough stands tall at an impressive height of 2 meters.

With its captivating color palette and robust growth habit, Beauty of Tremough is sure to steal the spotlight in any garden landscape. Each bloom exudes elegance and charm, drawing admirers with its delicate hues and vibrant presence.

As a new addition to the Rhododirect collection, Beauty of Tremough brings a fresh perspective to rhododendron enthusiasts. Its resilience and vigor make it a standout performer, promising years of beauty and enjoyment for gardeners of all levels.