Azalea Nicholas de Rothschild


Azalea Nicholas de Rothschild has orange-red buds opening to a compact head of double yellow flowers, turning pink as
they mature in Nov. Ht. 1.5m. Deciduous.

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Azalea Nicholas de Rothschild is a captivating deciduous azalea, cherished for its remarkable ability to change colours throughout the blooming season. This oldie but goodie starts with fragrant orange-red buds that open into a compact head of double yellow flowers. As these flowers mature in late spring, they transition to a beautiful pink, with the pink tones deepening as the flowers age, eventually turning orange as they fade.

Reaching a height of 1.5 meters, this popular azalea thrives in both sunny and partially shaded areas, preferring deep acid soil for optimal growth. The Azalea Nicholas de Rothschild shares the same hardy and sun-loving attributes as other deciduous Mollis azaleas, making it an excellent choice for those challenging garden spots that are hot, windy, and often miss out on watering.

Its vibrant and ever-changing blooms make the Nicholas de Rothschild a standout addition to any garden, whether as a focal point or as a companion to rhododendrons. The dynamic color shifts throughout the season add a unique charm and visual interest, ensuring this azalea remains a beloved choice for gardeners.

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