Rooting for Success: Our Rhododendron Propagation Adventure

I am thrilled to share that we have just finished propagating our rhododendron cuttings! During February and March, we’ve been incredibly fortunate to collect cuttings from a variety of beautiful gardens across Canterbury, including several old varieties that haven’t been propagated commercially for quite some time. With over 600 different varieties now coming through, our selection is truly impressive.

As newcomers to the propagation world, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience, including the trials and tribulations that come with it. Last year, we achieved an amazing success rate, and we’re hopeful for similar results this year. However, we faced a unique challenge this season. Many of the rhododendrons were covered in flower buds, making propagating material a bit limited for some varieties. Despite this, our journey has been incredibly rewarding. The process of propagation has taught us so much, and the anticipation of seeing our efforts bloom into beautiful plants keeps us motivated.

We’re excited to continue sharing our progress and successes with you. Stay tuned for more updates, and happy gardening!


Rows of small green plants growing in rectangular trays filled with soil sit inside a well-lit indoor nursery, showcasing the success of precise propagation methods.

Rows of rhododendron cuttings growing well in the prop house.

A man works with plant cuttings at a table. The image shows labeled Rhododendron propagation cuttings with roots, wrapped in tape, and placed in soil trays, showcasing a meticulous rooting process that hints at success.

Steve works with rhodo cuttings at a table. Grafted Rhododendron propagation wrapped in tape, and placed in prop trays, showcasing a meticulous rooting process that hints at success