Can we plant Rhododendrons if we have Clay Soil?

Close-up of a shovel partially buried in a pile of clay soil with green plants, including rhododendrons, in the background.

Many individuals who would dearly love to grow rhododendrons have steered away from them because of their clay soil. Don’t let having clay soil stop you enjoying a rhododendron garden. If heavy clay is present then dig a small hole and run some water into it; if the water does not disappear in a few…

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Do we need established shade from trees before planting?

A dense bush of vibrant pink flowers grows between two large tree trunks in a park with a green lawn and tall evergreen trees in the background, benefiting from the plant shade provided by the established canopy.

One of the concerns we hear from customers is that they don’t have enough shade in their garden. Many customers plant trees in their gardens first and think that they will have to wait until the trees have provided shade before they can plant their rhododendrons. This is not the case – no waiting is…

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If my property has late frosts can I plant fragrant varieties?

Close-up of plant buds and leaves covered with a layer of property frost. The frost crystals are visible on the edges of the leaves and buds.

Nearly all fragrant rhododendrons are frost tender. A good rule of thumb to abide by is if the area they are going in will be affected by a -4 degree Celsius frost, then don’t plant them. Sometimes you might get bad frosts but have a very sheltered location for fragrant varieties to grow, like under…

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Can I use animal manure on my rhododendrons?

A 25-liter bag of Grow Better Organic Sheep Manure designed for composting and weed-free gardening, perfect for rhododendrons. Featuring an image of a sheep on the packaging, this animal manure is easy to use.

You can use animal manure but be careful not to burn the fibre roots at the top of the rhodos root ball. Instead spread it around well away from the rhodos roots and ensure it is well rotted. For more comprehensive information visit our fertiliser advice page.

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What do I need to grow rhodos?

A garden with blooming pink, purple, and white flowers, including carefully tended rhododendrons, surrounded by various green plants and trees, with a dense forest in the background.

Free Draining Soil (this can be created by planting rhodos on top of the ground if needs be) Water and plenty of it, particularly in the heat Acid soil (you can create it if you don’t have it already) A canopy of deciduous trees OR plenty of mulch for water retention is a PLUS!

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Why do some of our rhodo’s leaves go yellow, orange or red?

A rhodo with green, yellow, and a few orange leaves showing signs of nutrient deficiency and some spots of distress.

There is nothing wrong with your rhododendron unless all the leaves are changing colour. It is a very normal part of the lifecycle of the rhododendron for leaves to discolour and fall off. This happens after a leaf has been on the plant for 3 years. It is normal and there is nothing wrong with…

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Why are My Rhododendrons Flowering Out of Season?

A lush garden with a large Yak FCC rhododendrons boasting white and pink flowers, unexpectedly flowering out of season, surrounded by verdant green foliage

Rhododendrons are known for their beautiful blooms in spring, but what happens when they start flowering out of season? While this may seem unusual, it can actually happen for a number of reasons. This is predominantly due to the current weather patterns. As we are still in an El Nina, this has affected the temperatures…

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