Rhododendron Bureavii Hybrid

Rhododendron Bureavii Hybrid has excellent foliage, dark green glossy, tan indumentum. soft pink flowers. October 90cm



Introducing the magnificent Rhododendron Bureavii Hybrid, a true gem in the RhodoDirect collection. With its excellent foliage boasting dark green glossy leaves adorned with a tan indumentum, this plant is a visual delight even before it blooms. But when it does, it’s a spectacle to behold, with soft pink flowers gracing the garden in October.

Standing at a modest height of 90cm, Rhododendron Bureavii Hybrid proves that size isn’t everything. Its foliage alone is enough to captivate and enthrall, with its glossy texture and striking indumentum adding depth and dimension to any garden landscape.

But there’s more to Bureavii Hybrid than just its beauty. This plant is thrip resistant, making it a low-maintenance option for gardeners seeking hassle-free cultivation. It thrives in partly shaded areas, making it versatile enough to fit into a variety of garden designs.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, we highly recommend adding this exceptional plant to your collection. Embrace the beauty and resilience of Rhododendron Bureavii Hybrid and elevate your garden to new heights of splendor with RhodoDirect.